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  • Drug syringes damaging toilets in East Sacramento’s McKinley Park

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 11-30-2017 Category: drug abuse Comment: 0

    Drug syringes damaging toilets in East Sacramento’s McKinley Park

    At East Sacramento’s iconic McKinley Park, toilets are being flushed down with hypodermic needles, damaging the sewer system in the area. In fact, city authorities were compelled to shut down the toilets twice in the last few months due the clogged sewers. In an attempt to fix the problem, the Sacramento City Council on Nov. […]

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  • Thousands of marijuana plants seized from Sacramento-area homes

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 09-06-2017 Category: addiction, drug abuse, marijuana Comment: 0

    Growing suspicious and alarmed by the unusually high electricity bills, federal authorities on July 26, 2017, conducted raids on nine Sacramento-area homes in Roseville, Elverta and Elk Grove, which led to the seizure of 7,750 marijuana plants. Consequently, nine suspects were arrested for their alleged involvement in illegal marijuana operations, media reports said. The federal […]

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  • Sacramento FBI helps dismantle Alpha Bay dark website

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 08-21-2017 Category: addiction, drug abuse, drug trafficking Comment: 0

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Sacramento-based U.S. Attorney Phil Talbert on July 20, 2017, announced the shutting down of the Alpha Bay dark website, media reports said. Alpha Bay had earned the ill-repute of being one of the most extensive criminal marketplaces on the dark web with over 200,000 buyers and 40,000 sellers involved in […]

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  • Sacramento police officer booked on drug and weapon charges

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 12-08-2016 Category: addiction, Cocaine, drug abuse Comment: 0

    Drugs and crime do not operate independently, instead, they feed on each other. And sometimes, even lawmakers are caught in the web of criminal offenses such as drug abuse or trafficking. Recently, Sacramento police arrested a veteran police officer on charges of possession of controlled substances, such as amphetamines and marijuana, as well as firearms. […]

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  • Two Lincoln men arrested for possession of illegal marijuana and firearms

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 11-04-2016 Category: addiction, drug abuse, Substance Abuse Comment: 0

    The popularity of marijuana as well as incidents related to firearms continue to plague the United States. In late September this year, investigators from the Placer County Sheriff’s Office arrested Brandon Cronkhite and Joshua Szlachciuk in Downtown Lincoln, Sacramento metropolitan area, on charges of illegally shipping marijuana and unlawful possession of firearms. 60 plants, 65 […]

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  • Singer Chaka Khan enters rehab, cancels California State Fair show in Sacramento

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 07-22-2016 Category: drug abuse, Rehab Comment: 0

    Fans of R&B singer Chaka Khan, a 10-time Grammy Award winner, wait every year for her July concert at the California State Fair in Sacramento. However, her fans had to face disappointment this year as Khan cancelled her performance that was scheduled for July 11. The reason behind cancelling her show was shocking to her […]

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  • Addiction in doctors concerns California

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 04-07-2016 Category: addiction, Alcohol, drug abuse Comment: 0

    To cope with stress and pressure, even doctors are susceptible to abuse drugs and alcohol. Long working hours and erratic schedules often lead to depression, anxiety and irritability in doctors, forcing them to take to drugs and alcohol. But addiction in doctors can turn risky for patients. Since illegal drugs act on the brain directly, […]

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  • Adapt Pharma, Clinton Foundation to distribute free naloxone to high schools in U.S.

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 03-01-2016 Category: drug abuse, naloxone, Narcan, opioid overdose Comment: 0

    The growing problem of drug abuse among the youth of America in recent years calls for steps to control the epidemic. In the wake of such a scenario, the Clinton Foundation will be distributing a free carton each of emergency opioid overdose reversal kit naloxone to the high schools in the United States. The foundation, […]

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  • Substance abuse puts Sacramento through testing times

    By: dtrcblog-admin On: 01-23-2016 Category: drug abuse, Substance Abuse Comment: 0

    According to the Sacramento 2015 Point-In-Time Homeless Count Report, the number of vagrants with substance abuse disorder has come down to 553 in 2015 from 1,345 in 2009. This reduced figure may give a sigh of relief to the city, but the drug slate still remains unwiped to a great extent. According to a report […]

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  • Cocaine abuse quadruples the risk of death among people 19-49 years old

    By: Staff Writer On: 08-18-2015 Category: addiction, Cocaine, drug abuse, Mental Health, Overdose Comment: 0


    A recent study revealed the drastic health differences that can occur with cocaine addiction. This study was conducted over a seven year period by researchers from Spain’s Basque Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Biomedical Research Centre Network into Mental Health. They examined an increase in cardiovascular death as it associates with cocaine consumption. For […]

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